Welcome to my blog,

My name is Sacred, I’m the owner, lead photographer, and creative here at Moon Reflections Photography.

Wait! What! You’ve never heard of us?

Well, we will have to change that. Let’s get to know each other. Sit down, grab a cup of coffee or tea, maybe a beer or a glass of wine and converse a little.

Who is Sacred?

I am a talker! This time I am not going to be so long winded. If you want more details about who I am and what I love, check out my about page on my website here.

I grew up in Detroit and Southfield MI(a suburb about five minutes from Detroit), I am a wife and a mother of two zany babies. I have always been creative, not just centered on photography, I make handmade writing journals also. I am a military veteran of the USAF, I have backpacked through Europe and I graduated from U of M (GO BLUE!) where I studied abroad in Italy, all this by the age of 28.

Through all those amazing accomplishments my passion for photography never swayed, if nothing else it became stronger. In 2009 I started Moon Reflections Photography…and here we are.

Dfinney Photography

Dfinney Photography


What is Moon Reflections Photography All About?

We are all about our clients, the experience, and the reflections that are cemented in time…the memories we create for our clients, the Art. 

Wedding Flowers 

Wedding Flowers 


MRP is a Metro Detroit photography business that specializes in natural light, on-location photography. On-location photography, we don’t use light modifiers such as flash or studio lighting to create the art that is our photography. However, if we are shooting an event and the indoor light calls for flash photography then we make an adjustment to accommodate the lighting situation so that you receive the very best images.

We not only specialize in natural light, our primary focus is high school seniors, weddings, business, events, and real estate. You can always visit our website here to get all the details on MRP. Our goal is to create art and to give our clients the best experience and the finest images that will last a lifetime.


Family Portraits On-location at     UMMA: University of Michigan Museum of Art

Family Portraits On-location at  UMMA: University of Michigan Museum of Art


Why am I writing this blog?

Let’s be honest, I want to share my work! I want you to know that my service is available and I want the opportunity to show you why it’s worth hiring me to capture the intimate details of your life. To memorialize the moment in your child’s life that is the threshold of adulthood, to help that small business elevate their stature and transform into a big business, to assist a big business with headshots and business branding images, to capture that intimate moment between a father and daughter dance at a wedding.

However, it isn’t just about me. Here are the other reasons why I’m writing this blog:

     To inform the reader and future photography clients on what photography is all about in the 21st century because it has changed a lot from the traditional photography of yesteryear.

     To share tips and tricks for the aspiring photographer or the parent that was just gifted a new camera and wants to capture their baby's first steps or just take better pictures overall.

     To connect with people! I LOVE to talk!  When we connect we learn from others' experiences, share stories, and learn about other cultures.

     I want to help people and encourage others as I have been encouraged and motivated by the blogs I’ve visited, the people I’ve met, and through life lessons.


Keyonna Renea Photography

Keyonna Renea Photography

Overall, I want to motivate, inspire, inform, and excite you! Well, gain a new client or two...maybe :O)


What will I be blogging about?

To sum it all up: life with pictures and words!

I will be writing about photography, my photography, your photography, tips, tricks, techniques to improve photography.

About the business of business and how to manage all of that and still be a normal person with a family…I’m still striving to do that, ongoing!

How to’s, why nots and what for!



I would like for this to be a two way street, a conversation of sorts. If you have something to add; ideas, tips, tricks, motivating and positive quotes I would LOVE for you to comment!

Please feel free to comment below! Also, I invite you to add yourself to my newsletter mailing list so that we can stay connected. You can do that by filling out the form here and stay connected and informed through our blog by clicking our RSS feed on the homepage.


Need help writing your first blog? Don't know where to start? Take a look at Mack Collier's blog post: How to Write Your First Blog Post, it was very helpful to me. I followed it to a T and I plan to use it to keep me focused on my future post. Thanks Mack!