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Successful Role Model │ Tanya Goodall Smith │ WorkStory Photography

A few years ago I was researching brand photography, striving to become more informed on brands, businesses, how the two work together. I was also wondering how I could capture and create a visual story for a brand. I came across a blog post SLR Lounge, Elements Of Your Photography Brand… , it was so helpful, so much so I still refer to it today for my brand. From that post I followed up with the author, Tanya, who I contacted upon learning she was also a business mentor.

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Successful Role Model │ Leah Vernon

Our SRM this month is Leah Vernon, a blogger, writer, activist from the Metro Detroit area. Leah and I met a couple of years ago at Naturally Flyy Detroit (an annual natural hair meetup hosted by two sisters, Etta Fly Espy and Jennifer, check them out) where she was giving head wrap tutorials. She was confident, stylish and rocked a mean head wrap! I wanted to know her...


What habits do you feel attributed to your success?

Perseverance. I don't stop. Like ever. I may put things on hold since no one can do it all, but I pick whatever it is right back up. And, I push hard. I go that extra mile when others are giving a small percentage. I give 110% each time. I pride myself in excelling in ways that people don't expect from someone like me. I'm constantly educating myself, conjuring ways to reinvent myself or use my time more efficiently.


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Event Wrap Up: A Night Out With Pink Pump

...A Night Out with Pink Pump at West Elm, featuring The Walls of Virtue by Barbara Johnson, The Detroit Garment Group with Lindsey Alexander. Wine and Vegan hors d’oeuvres by Platinum Chef Catering Rhoda St. Luce and beats to go along with those eats by The Cool DJ Andre Terrell.

Wine, shoes, food, shopping and music…how could you go wrong?

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She was so sweet and her smile was grand and vibrant, a wonderful combination. We discussed her dreams of attending college and entering a journalism program, how she loves ice skating, and that she works hard. You'll get to know more about her later during part 2, her senior session.

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To sum it all up: life with pictures and words!

I will be writing about photography, my photography, your photography, tips, tricks, techniques to improve photography.

About the business of business and how to manage all of that and still be a normal person with a family…I’m still striving to do that, ongoing!

How to’s, why not's and what for!

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