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Metro Detroit School Dance │ Limo Detroit

...You might even be surprised at the affordability of reserving a limousine or party bus in Detroit! We know that it seems like a big investment, but when it is evenly divided among all of the passengers that will be on board, it turns out to be comparable to what they would pay at dinner. Teens love the on board features like neon lighting as well as the ability to stream their favorite Spotify playlists with the high quality audio systems. It makes for an unforgettable dance experience that gives everybody peace of mind when all is said and done!

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Often the best parts of my job is working with the youth. Tweens (pre-teens affectionately called tweens), teens, and high school seniors can be so invigorating. They can literally renew your life and energy.

Check out one of my fearless teens, Alexandra. Smart, pretty, wise and ready to take on the world. It was freezing cold! She killed it, cold and all.


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