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Anybody who has teenagers knows that watching them grow up can be quite the experience, for both your emotions and wallet. From the extracurricular activities to dances like prom and homecoming, the total adds up just as quickly as they've seemed to mature through high school. Prom and homecoming are two important events to teens, as they start and end the school year. It's especially poignant if it happens to be their senior year, as it's the last chance to make it count before the real world starts knocking!

Limo Detroit Party Bus Event Transportation

There are usually a few main components as far as costs are concerned for school dances. There's the ticket price, the tuxedo rental or purchasing a dress, and finally the mode of transportation. With all of the money that you've put into the school year so far, you might be wondering why you should consider investing in professional transportation for your son or daughters school dance experience.

First and foremost, safety is never a concern when you've booked with a professional transportation company. You'll never be in the dark about where your child and their group of friends are headed to with a pre approved itinerary that requires approval when it comes to any sort of deviation. Chauffeurs are skilled at keeping a watchful eye on passengers, especially when you consider that most of them have background driving with local school districts.

Limo Party Bus Event Transportation

You might even be surprised at the affordability of reserving a limousine or party bus in Detroit! We know that it seems like a big investment, but when it is evenly divided among all of the passengers that will be on board, it turns out to be comparable to what they would pay at dinner. Teens love the on board features like neon lighting as well as the ability to stream their favorite Spotify playlists with the high quality audio systems. It makes for an unforgettable dance experience that gives everybody peace of mind when all is said and done! For more information, head over to PartyBus Company Metro Detroit.


Guest Blogger, Alan James, Limo Detroit