Motivation: When Getting Out Of Your Own Way Is The Hardest Part

If you read my intro, Welcome to the Blogging Block, you will understand and if you haven’t then let me say this: MRP is more than just a photography company. We are real people, with real lives, families, issues, struggles, jobs, passions, etc. This blog is more than a place to showcase my work and share a piece of myself through blogging. It’s about sharing information, encouragement, and inspiration.

This world can be cruel and harsh. We are all human beings we are not perfect. We live in a world where being present isn’t taught, where your insecurities, doubts, and fears are played on and monetized. A world where dreaming isn’t encouraged and laboring away 40+ hours a week in a position that doesn’t bring you any real joy or happiness is marketed/advertised and forced down your throat.

That doesn’t have to be your reality! We can be as successful in our lives, business, love and finances as we wish as long as we put our mind and energy into it. Profess it, believe it, and work hard toward it.

I too struggle. I struggle to stay focused, to not give in to self-doubt and insecurities. To dream big, go after success (my own idea of success), I deal with fear, the fear of success, of growth, of change.

Motivation #ontheblog

Motivation #ontheblog

How you can begin to help yourself...

There will always be doubt, fear, the possibilities of the unknown!  Our challenge is to change that mindset. Let go of the situations and circumstances that are keeping you tied down and aren’t nurturing who or what you desire to be or do. Pay attention to and distance yourself from those naysayers that never have anything positive to say about what you are striving to do, change those habits that hold you back from doing the things that you need to do in order to move forward, that self-defeating mindset that keeps us jailed in our minds.


Separate yourself from the negative influences in your life. They may be family, childhood friends, even toxic relationships. 


Read: The Power of Focus, in order to work on changing your mind, habits and focus.


Actively work on your goals, those that would bring you some peace. Mine is losing this BABY WEIGHT!


Surround yourself with like minds! This is very important, how can someone fully support something they don't understand, have never done, or is not interested in? 


Realize that you must allow room for mistakes and to correct those mistakes. It takes time…the one thing that we can’t get more of! Sheesh!


What I do to get through...

Listening to Absolute Motivation on Youtube really keeps me encouraged, motivated and gets me out of a funk when I am feeling down. I also started reading, The Power of Focus (by Canfield, Hansen, and Hewitt) keeps me, for lack of a better word, focused! 


Take a listen to my favorite Absolute Motivation video, I hope that you take just one jewel with you that will excite and encourage you.



You are not alone; we all have those days.  What do you do to stay motivated, inspired, encouraged? Share your knowledge so that others can be blessed.