The Road To Success Is Paved With Hard Work

You will never get to where you want to be if you are not working at mastering your craft DAILY!


Some people think that you can become as great as those they admire due to luck or pure talent…what about the rest of the story?

What about the long days of practice if you’re an athlete or how about working events that pay next to nothing in order to get some exposure or stage time as a singer or a musician. The authors who had books turned into movies, J. K. Rowling was passed over several times (12 times to be exact) before the Harry Potter series was picked up by a publisher, how about the Sue Bryce’s of the world who had been editing, retouching, assisting, second photographing, etc. in order to get some practice, exposure, experience, to simply build their portfolio long before they achieved success.

Talent is great, however, talent alone can go nowhere! It has to be cultivated, molded, nurtured, practiced every day. You don’t just arrive at your destination; you travel the road that leads you to your destination.


success is not accident


You have to put the time, effort, energy, love, sweat, and tears into whatever you LOVE to do in order to MASTER your craft and become truly great!

Nothing worth having comes easy!



It's those calm hours of thinking, self reflection, and meditation when you realize a jewel that takes you and your passion to the next level. What was your epiphany or when did you have that moment of clarity and realization? You never know how sharing something so simple might inspire someone else!