1:1 Digital Photography for Kids

1:1 Digital Photography for Kids


Digital Photography for Kids

March 3 - April 7, 2019

with Sacred Amos

Calling all kids ages 11 – 18 with a passion for photography! Sacred will lead a group of aspiring young photographers on a fun, hands on journey of photographic exploration and learning.

 In Digital Photography for Kids, students will be exposed to the phenomenal work of photographers like Gordon Parks & Annie Leibovitz, Danielle “D” Finney, Stanley Babb, as well as amazing young photographers.

 During this four-session workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Set up a basic photographic workflow that they can continue to use long after the workshop is finished: Capture, transfer, post-process, and print

  • Operate their cameras on manual mode and come to understand how manual operation of their cameras results in greater creative control

  • Develop their photographs using Lightroom

Practice, homework and hands on activities will be a major component of this workshop. The group will learn how to enhance their photos through the use of Lightroom.

 Sample Class Schedule

March 3 - April 7, 2019 │ 2 –4PM

 Each day’s class will consist of a photo walk and instruction on camera operation or Lightroom.

Day 1: Instruction on manual operation of camera and a photo walk

Day 2: Review of manual operation, photo walk, and importing and making a catalog in Lightroom

Day 3: Photo walk, review of importing, and introduction of developing in Lightroom

Day 4: Photo walk, review of basic developing, and learning more developing tools in Lightroom

Day 5: Photo walk and more time to edit your photos

Day 6: Finish editing and submit chosen image for printing

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