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New Year New You │ Headshot Special │ Moon Reflections Photography │ The Room Project

What better way to celebrate my birthday than with you all.

I thought, how about I share with others because I have been given so much in my life.

So much has been shared, gifted and loved unto me. I am so grateful.

I would like to share with you all March. Let’s kick it off with:

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Successful Role Model │ Tanya Goodall Smith │ WorkStory Photography

A few years ago I was researching brand photography, striving to become more informed on brands, businesses, how the two work together. I was also wondering how I could capture and create a visual story for a brand. I came across a blog post SLR Lounge, Elements Of Your Photography Brand… , it was so helpful, so much so I still refer to it today for my brand. From that post I followed up with the author, Tanya, who I contacted upon learning she was also a business mentor.

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The Road To Success With: Skinphorea Facial Bar!

Skinphorea facial bar co-owners Jessica Hayes-Stallings (licensed skin care therapist) and Shareese Shorter (director of program management) have awakened the metropolitan Detroit area to a revolutionary skin care experience with a happy hour twist...

Jessica and Shareese were kind enough to allow me to ask them a few questions on what inspires and motivates them to keep pushing toward success, past an idea into a full fledged brick and mortar business.

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Motivation │Fitness and Business - Like Water Fitness

We have all the excuses in the world not to get up and get moving! Trust me, I have been there. I’m too tired, I have children and they keep me busy, I can’t find time to make it to the gym, the list of excuses can be endless…until your body doesn’t look the way it use to or your body can’t do the things it use to. Although many of these issues, excuses and situations affect your health they also affect your business too.

If you can’t put your best self forward, get up and out to network, converse with potential clients, stay focused, complete task, and create positive habits then your career, your goals, your success as an entrepreneur can be thwarted.

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Event Wrap Up: A Night Out With Pink Pump

...A Night Out with Pink Pump at West Elm, featuring The Walls of Virtue by Barbara Johnson, The Detroit Garment Group with Lindsey Alexander. Wine and Vegan hors d’oeuvres by Platinum Chef Catering Rhoda St. Luce and beats to go along with those eats by The Cool DJ Andre Terrell.

Wine, shoes, food, shopping and music…how could you go wrong?

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To sum it all up: life with pictures and words!

I will be writing about photography, my photography, your photography, tips, tricks, techniques to improve photography.

About the business of business and how to manage all of that and still be a normal person with a family…I’m still striving to do that, ongoing!

How to’s, why not's and what for!

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